Annual Whistleblower Notification

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

California law allows state employees to report waste, fraud, violations of law, or health or safety threats, and to be free from retaliation for doing so.

At the CSU, there are several options available for employees and applicants for employment to file a protected disclosure for Whistleblower complaints:

Contact the designated Campus Administrator 
Gary Norton, Interim Director, Audit & Advisory Services
Phone:  (415) 405-4185

Contact the California State University Office of the Chancellor:
Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
401 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802

Contact the California State Auditor's Office Whistleblower Hotline by phone, web or mail. The California State Auditor's office is your confidential avenue for reporting improper activities by state agencies or employees.

The following link is provided to view the California State Auditor's Office 2017 Whistleblower brochure which includes information on what to report, whistleblower protections, how to report, helpful tips, as well as the investigation of complaints:

A Whistleblower Hotline flyer from the California State Auditor has been posted on campus. You may review the flyer directly via this link: