Request Advisory Services

Use the Advisory Services Request Form to request a consultation.

About Advisory Services

Advisory services are more consultative in nature than audits and are performed in response to requests from campus management. The goal of Audit & Advisory Service (A&AS)’s Advisory Services is to enhance the awareness of risk, control and compliance issues and to provide a proactive independent review and appraisal of specifically identified concerns.

The Advisory Services function partners with management to identify solutions for business issues, offers opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operating areas, and assists with special requests, while ensuring the consideration of related internal control issues.

Advisory Service Request Form

The purpose of the Advisory Service Request form is to provide San Francisco State University stakeholders (i.e. management, staff, and faculty) with equitable access to requesting advisory services from the Audit and Advisory Services Department (A&AS). The Advisory Service Request form serves as a template for the requestor to provide a detailed description of a college or department need that may be addressed through advisory resources.

Advisory Services: Advisory and related client service activities, the nature and scope of which are agreed with the client, are intended to add value and improve an organization’s governance, risk management, and control processes without A&AS assuming management responsibility. Examples include counsel, advice, facilitation, and training.

The Advisory Service Request form establishes the potential scope and value proposition of a new review opportunity outside the scope of work approved by the VP/CFO of Administration and Finance in the annual Internal Audit Plan. This form may be submitted whenever cross-functional support is needed from A&AS.

Completed Advisory Service Request forms may be submitted online, in-person, or via intercampus mail. Return completed hardcopy requests to the Audit Director, ADM 258. A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of the request form. The Audit Director, or designee, may contact the requestor for additional information.